The Dark Horse

December 01, 2023

'The Dark Horse': Elevating Adventures



Embarking on a journey of customization and transformation, Adventure Fitouts teamed up with a passionate van enthusiast to revamp and optimize their trusty vehicle, elevating it into a mobile haven ready for any adventure that comes their way. Our collaboration with the van owner brought forth a stunning array of modifications and installations, catering to both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Let’s delve into the impressive enhancements that have taken their van to the next level.

Lining System Redefined

The Adventure Fitouts SUMMIT Lining System serves as the cornerstone of the van's interior upgrades. Incorporating a grey upholstered ceiling, complemented by sleek bamboo wall panels, not only enhances the visual appeal but also ensures a cozy and inviting atmosphere within. Coupled with sound deadening and van liner insulation, these additions promise a quieter and more insulated space for their adventures.

Moreover, the installation of silver anodized L-Track rails alongside strategically placed strip lights, offering changeable colour temperatures and dimmable settings, has illuminated the van's interior with customizable brilliance.

Flooring and Storage Revamp

Adventure Fitouts opted for woven vinyl flooring on the factory plywood floor, providing durability and a touch of sophistication. The addition of a recessed L-Track in the garage area has maximized storage options, allowing easy and secure stowing of equipment and gear.

Appliances and Comfort Enhancements: Elevating On-the-Go Living

These meticulously selected appliances are designed to offer convenience and luxury to elevate any on-the-road experience: 

  • Isotherm DR85 Inox Stainless Steel Two Drawer Fridge/Freezer: Offering ample storage capacity for all culinary needs, ensuring that provisions are always at the right temperature.
  • Safiery Dual Burner Induction Cooker: This induction cooker expands cooking options and efficiency, allowing versatile meal preparation with ease.
  • MaxxFan and Dometic Freshet 7 Air Conditioner: Both tinted and painted in sleek black for seamless integration, these additions promise optimal ventilation and climate control inside 'The Dark Horse.' Irrespective of external conditions, they can enjoy a comfortable and controlled environment throughout their journey.

Water and Power Redefined

The van now boasts an extensive water system with underbody fresh and grey water tanks, mains supply hookup, and a high-flow water pump, providing autonomy and convenience wherever they roam. Additionally, the Diesel Hot Water System and Ecoflow 5KW/417AH Power Kit upgrades ensure constant power and hot water supply, essential for a comfortable journey.

Cabinetry Marvels

Our attention to detail shines through in the cabinetry work. Wheel arch boxes and customized aluminium sheet metal combined with bamboo adornments add functionality and aesthetics to the space. The MOAB Bed with a custom mattress, passenger kitchen galley, lounge, overhead storage, and lagun table, all crafted meticulously, have transformed the interior into a functional and stylish abode on wheels.

Exterior Enhancements

On the exterior front, we added exterior lights, a Wedgetail Roof Rack, Fiamma F45 Awning, a sliding window behind the driver, bunk windows, Method Race Wheels, Falken Wildpeak AT3W tires, and a rear ladder, ensuring the van is not only functional but also ready for any terrain or weather conditions. The inclusion of the Owl Vans LWB Sprinter Side Steps provides the finishing touches to this van's modification journey.

Safety Measures in Place

Safety remains paramount, and the van is equipped with essential safety measures, including a fire extinguisher and smoke/gas detectors, ensuring a secure environment throughout their travels.

The transformation of this van into a personalized adventure mobile has been an exhilarating journey for Adventure Fitouts, surpassing expectations in craftsmanship, functionality, and style. Each enhancement made brings the van owner closer to the ultimate adventure-ready vehicle, poised to accompany them on countless memorable journeys ahead.