December 06, 2023

In-N-Out: One Van, Two Kitchens

When it comes to transforming a vehicle into a home on wheels, meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful design are paramount. At Adventure Fitouts, we take pride in turning dreams of adventure into reality. Recently, we had the pleasure of working on a project that involved customizing Troopy cabinetry to suit the unique needs of intrepid travellers. Let's delve into the exquisite details of this custom Troopy fitout, designed to elevate the experience of adventurers on the road.

Custom Troopy Cabinetry: Crafted for Functionality and Style

The heart of this Troopy fitout lies in its bespoke cabinetry, meticulously designed and crafted to provide both functionality and aesthetics. The cabinetry features:

  • Black Melamine Carcass: A sturdy foundation for durability and longevity.
  • Hexa faces: Geometric chic redefined.
  • Tassy Oak Benchtops: Timeless elegance meets sustainability.
  • Black Latches: Sleek functionality with style.

 Tailored Interior Design for Adventurous Souls

Within the Troopy, the cabinetry was tailored to accommodate various functionalities:

The central area features a lift-out floor section that seamlessly converts into a bed infill, ensuring versatile use of space to suit varying travel needs.

On the left-hand side, the fitout includes a bench seat/day bed with hatch storage, approximately 450mm in height, offering both seating and storage solutions. Additional provisions include a false floor bed extension panel for enhanced comfort during rest stops, dedicated space for a portable toilet, and strategically placed hatch lids for easy access.

The right-hand side is designed to accommodate an Engel 60L fridge, a stainless steel sink with a mixer for convenient washing, a sink infill maximizing counter space, a tall cabinet behind the driver's seat for extra storage, and dedicated space for the battery system, ensuring uninterrupted power supply on the go.

Modifications and Enhancements

The highlight of this fitout is the installation of a Coast Access Door 3, enabling easy access to the sliding kitchen unit equipped with a sink and stove. Coupled with the sink on the right-hand side interior of the van, this unique setup offers not one but two kitchen areas.  

Water and Electrical Systems: Enabling Self-Sufficiency

The fitout's plumbing system is configured to accommodate a 90L underbody water tank, complete with JG fittings, hoses, and a rear outlet. Electronic switching between water tanks provides convenient usage flexibility. Meanwhile, the meticulously installed battery system includes a Drypower 200Ah lithium battery, Redarc 40 amp DC charger, Victron Bluetooth battery monitor, 6 USB points (USB A & USB C), cabling, and essential consumables, ensuring reliable power supply during travels.

This custom Troopy fitout is a testament to our commitment to craftsmanship and serves as an ideal companion for adventurers seeking comfort and functionality on their journeys.