NO ENDZ - Custom Troopy Fitout with the Works

November 06, 2023

No Endz Troopy: A Transformation for Ultimate Adventures

One epic Troopy build.
Embarking on adventures in the great outdoors requires a trusty companion – a vehicle that's not only rugged but also equipped with all the essentials for your journey. When it comes to making the most out of your overlanding and off-road experiences, a customised fitout can make all the difference. At Adventure Fitouts, we recently had the privilege of working on a project that transformed a Toyota Troopy into the ultimate adventure machine. With no limits in mind, our team went above and beyond to create a fitout that combines style, functionality, and durability, making it ready for every terrain and every adventure.
Left-Hand Side

On the left-hand side of the Troopy, we've crafted a day bed with hatch storage, approximately 350mm in height. This provides both comfort and practical storage space for your adventure gear. Fingered bed extensions offer versatility, while dedicated spaces for an 85L fridge and the power system ensure you're self-sufficient no matter where you roam.

Right-Hand Side

The right-hand side of the Troopy is all about culinary delights on the road. The kitchen bench, standing at approximately 700mm in height, features an olive green painted splashback for a pop of colour. It's equipped with a stainless steel sink and mixer, making meal preparation a breeze. Drawer storage maximizes organization, and a pull-out benchtop extension creates additional space. Plus, we've reserved room for a Travel Buddy oven and a slow cooker, ensuring you can enjoy hot meals even in the middle of nowhere.

Cabinetry Craftmanship

The key to an outstanding adventure vehicle lies in the details, and the cabinetry is no exception. For this Troopy fitout, we used top-notch materials and craftsmanship to ensure excellence at every turn:

  • White Melamine Carcass: The sturdy and reliable foundation for the cabinetry.
  • Clear-Coated Birch Faces: Aesthetic beauty meets durability.
  • Bamboo Benchtops: Nature-inspired surfaces that remind you of the outdoors.
  • Brass Latches: High-quality hardware that adds a touch of luxury.

To ensure you have all the power you need, we've installed a comprehensive electrical system:

  • Ecoflow Power System: The Independence Kit with a 4kWh capacity.
  • Solar Panels: Two 200W panels with custom aluminium brackets.
  • Sirocco Fan: For added comfort.
  • Diesel Hot Water and Air Heater System: Stay warm and have hot water, even in the wild.

The Troopy boasts a 90L underbody water tank, perfectly suited for long journeys. We've installed JG fittings and hoses, with a hose outlet at the rear for your convenience. Plumbing connects to both the hot water system and the sink, ensuring you have access to essential utilities at all times.

Appliances: Everything you need

Inside the Troopy, you'll find a suite of appliances that make life on the road enjoyable:

  • Bushman DC85 Fridge: Keeping your provisions cold, no matter the climate.
  • Travel Buddy Oven (12V): Bake, roast, and cook on the go.
  • Induction Cooker (Dual Burner): Whip up your favourite meals with ease, mounted on the benchtop.
Miscellaneous Enhancements

We didn't stop at the essentials. Additional improvements to the Troopy include:

  • Gullwings: Emuwing glass installations on the driver's side front, offering quick and easy access.
  • Mattress/Cushions: Comfortable and stylish corduroy fabric cushions, each 100mm thick.
  • Rear Door Cards with Tables: Crafted from birch ply with bamboo tables, perfect for meal prep or enjoying a drink.
  • Birch Wall Panels: Matching the rear door cards for a cohesive interior.
  • Mission 4x4 Trax-Table: Suitable for Toyota 78 series Troopies.


This custom Troopy fitout is a true adventure transformation, ready for all your off-road escapades. If you're ready to elevate your overlanding game, get in touch with us at Adventure Fitouts, and let's make your dream adventure vehicle a reality.