Our Tips For Road Tripping Across Australia in your Troopy

June 30, 2021

If you are planning a trip across Australia, then this article is for you! We’ve got some tips to help make your journey as smooth and comfortable as possible. Troop carriers are great vehicles for road trips because they offer plenty of space in the cabin and cargo area. This means that no matter how many people or pieces of luggage you have with you, there will be room for everyone and everything (even for the kids or your furry, four-legged friends). The troopy also offers a high driving position which makes long distances more manageable on those rough Aussie roads. And if it rains? No problem - the troop carrier has a rubberised interior flooring so any water can just roll off before it gets into the vehicle itself! We can’t wait to share our top tips for road tripping in your troopy across Australia.

Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series

Hot Wheels: Toyota Troopy

Enthusiasts are always looking to go a little bit further, and their vehicles reflect that. With so many options available for off-roaders these days it's hard not to find something you like. If you just want to stick with the main roads though, a $2000 campervan will do - but if you're going feral (or have your heart set on remote destinations), there's only one way: 4WDs! Turns out what type of truck matters, after all, especially when compared to driving trucks or vans without four-wheel drive capability. Better still, Toyota Troopcarriers can be fitted out to ensure the most epic road trip of your life. One of the best things about travelling is that you can stop and really explore new places. You want to give yourself a good amount of time and do whatever it takes to map out your dreams. But be realistic! You're limited by time, so if you want thousands of kilometres apart might not be manageable with only one month on the road. Our key tips for your road trip discuss our essentials to pack as well as the best ways to fit out your troop carrier with a professional conversion, check out our to get you started.

Decide Your Timeline

First, you need to decide on how long your road trip is going to be. A month or two might not give you enough time to go very far apart from each other - unless this is something that's more of a holiday than the kind of challenge some people are looking for! You should either plan your route in advance so it takes a few turns and twists, or find an area with a single destination if that's what you're after. Ideally, we recommend at least three months' worth of driving time for those who want to really explore Australia their way without feeling rushed!

Remember Food and Water!

If you do have less than one month but still would like to see plenty of our beautiful country, then packing lightweight is essential. However, you'll want enough water and food on your trip, especially because your troopy becomes your home on wheels. Our team here at Adventure Fitouts can install a water tank as the first port of call. In terms of water tanks, you may want to consider getting a larger tank installed. The reason for this is because the troop carrier does not have a lot of space when it comes to cargo so if your trip spans more than four days then you need as much storage room in that area as possible. For those who like their creature comforts, there's also plenty of options with installing a solar-powered 12V power system! This can be handy if you're out exploring and don't have access to any electricity points or nearby towns. As well as all these tips, remember one other important thing: safety first! Ensure your troopy has been serviced before heading off on an adventure so that everything will work smoothly during your time.

Storage is the Key

Maximising storage while also increase the usability and functionality all in a tidy and completely custom design. With Adventure Fitout’s U-Turn Fitout, there is the option of a smartly designed pull-out finger bed. You can comfortably sleep two while maintaining head room for sitting up, a generously sized storage drawer, plenty of small storage hatches for your odd bits and pieces. The best part? Everything is close at hand when it's needed most! And if you need to chill some cold drinks on the fly or prepare any kind of meal from scratch there's space enough here too with this clever combo fridge/sink that fits conveniently beside one side unit. The right side unit boasts room for 60L Engel fridge giving you all the room possible as well as an oven cooker top surface large enough to seat six people around. Do we need to add something about their kitchen draw upgade? All of Adventure Fitouts conversions come with a huge storage drawer, which can even be replaced with a kitchen drawer by adding their custom Kitchen Drawer Upgrade. Complete with a hinged benchtop, stepped down cooker location and two cutlery drawers, we have you covered!


Hitting the Hay

Finding a free campsite is like finding buried treasure. There are hundreds of hidden gems just waiting for you to discover them and make use of their great camping potential! When you find a prime spot to park up for the evening, Adventure Fitout’s Weekend Warrior fitout will come to life and take your Troopy to a whole new level! With all of our storage and functionality upgrades, there are also plenty of small compartments around every corner to keep everything organised and contained while on the road. The right side unit features space for a 60L Engel fridge so that you can enjoy home cooking wherever you are! The best spots will give you the opportunity to relax in peace, while still being close enough that if anything should happen (troublesome wildlife or someone trying to steal your food) it won't be far off before help arrives. Stay away from sites by main roads as they can often have noise problems with construction trucks and other vehicles passing through at night time hours when sleep is most needed.


What are your top tips for taking a Toyota Troopcarrier on a road trip around Australia? And what's the best way to fit out your troop carrier with all of the necessary supplies and equipment needed for such an epic adventure? At Adventure Fitouts, we’re looking forward to seeing some photos from this once in a lifetime journey! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep an eye out for our latest Troopy fitout.