Best Alternative Uses For Your Van Fit Out

June 30, 2021

There is a huge variety of alternative uses for your personal van fit out! It can include incorporating a changing table for your baby, creating a play area for the kids, installing a new bed for your canine friend, or even a bunk bed set up! A campervan is a perfect way for families on the go who don't want to be restricted by size but still need a roomy and comfortable set-up that utilizes the space well. It's also an excellent choice where camping isn't feasible because of weather, water quality or terrain - in these cases, you'll find that many people are choosing vans as their primary home when they travel! It's even better because you can actually customize your van build to suit your families needs. What are the best alternative uses for your campervan family? Let's take a look at some of the many, many ways that you can use your van to suit different needs.

Van Fitout

Case Study #1: Sleeping Arrangements 101

Your first step towards embracing alternative uses for your van is choosing the perfect layout. The process is really important because it will dictate how many people can sleep comfortably in a confined space (pssst... we have solutions for this!) Whether you're living out of it full-time, part-time or on holidays - it's imperative to ensure that everyone has enough room to stretch their legs and feel comfortable when they lay down at night. Our Basic Bed Frame flat pack is a great addition to your van build as it can be customized to fit any size and accommodate families of all sizes. If you love active weekend getaways, from mountain bike riding to surf trips, then opting for our Night Rider flat pack is an ideal choice. When space is tight, they take up very little room and can be utilised to make the most of your van area.

Case Study #2: Baby, it’s changing time!

Our next use for your van conversion is to make travelling with the entire family, especially when it comes time for changing and feeding the baby. Sometimes a source of stress or anxiety, our customized fit-outs can be utilized as an area where you fold down into a changing table that'll ensure nappy time will always go smoothly. This family-friendly conversion also makes the perfect spot to feed little ones - no matter what hour of the day! With this transformation, we've got both you and your toddler covered because these custom fit-outs are able to become raised seats just right so they have more room while eating together or playing on their own side by side during mealtime. For families with fur babies who have not yet mastered travelling comfortably by road, this alternative use may appeal to you too! We offer tailored conversions which transform your van into an area where dogs and cats will find themselves set up with a safe and sturdy bed area.

Case Study #3: Child’s Play

Our final alternative use for your van conversion set up is creating a play area and relaxing space inside. We can create custom decked spaces so that you and your family have the best of both worlds - being outside but still undercover, to provide shade or sun if required! When travelling as a group it is imperative that our vans are equipped to cater for a variety of personalities, ages and needs. The addition of wall beds makes individual areas private while we install perfect spots for kids to enjoy themselves in as well, creating playful zones suited just their size! What if you want to emulate a spa-like experience while travelling with your family? We can customize our fitouts in order to make them private. Your conversion is an extension of your home; therefore set up space for what works best for you as a group! Give us a call today so that we may provide more information on our other services.

There are many different ways you can use your van set up. Whether it’s to have a changing table for when baby is on the go, a play area for the kids, a new bed for your four-legged friend or bunk beds so everyone in the family has their own space - there's something out there that will suit every need and budget. With all of these options available, why not find one now? We're sure we'll be able to help you get started with finding exactly what you're looking for!