10 Must-Have Upgrades to Campify Your Van: The Ultimate Guide

June 01, 2021

If you are looking for a great way to get out and about across beautiful Australia, then it is time to make your van camping ready! At Adventure Fitouts, we think this is the ultimate guide for the 10 must-have upgrades that will help turn your van into a road-ready and reliable home on wheels. Plus, there are so many different models of vans on the market today from Ford Transit Customs to Volkswagen Transporters, so we have listed our top 10 picks for the best new additions for any van model.

Adventure Fitouts Premium Campervan Mattress

1. Let's Talk: The Mattress.

A common complaint from most van lovers is that their mattress feels too hard to sleep on, day in and day out. To remedy this problem, invest in a quality foam mattress, like our Premium Indoor Campervan Mattress or a soft airbed system which can be quickly inflated using only your van’s 12V power socket. The best part? Investing in a quality mattress will complement a solid bed frame and put it to good use!

Adventure Fitouts Basic Bed Frame

2. A Solid Van Bed Frame.

We all know how important a good night's sleep is, especially when you’re on the road in your Hyundai iLoad. That’s why a sturdy bed frame can be the foundational difference between a regular van and one that is ready to take on the nomadic van life. For those who prefer a DIY, tool-free option, look no further than our Basic Bed Frame! If adventure sports and increased storage is on your checklist, then you might need to consider a frame that can handle more equipment, like our Night Rider Van Fitout w/ Single Drawer + Extending Fingered Bed.

Adventure Fitouts Night Rider Van Fitout w/ Single Drawer + Extended Fingered Bed

3. Storage, storage, storage!

Upgrading to twin and single drawer systems will provide efficient storage for all those bulky items that just don't fit anywhere else (hello, beach gear)! Adventure Fitouts specializes in incredibly durable and versatile storage drawers, which install seamlessly into almost any van model. The Storage King Van Fitout w/ Twin Drawers is a must-have for all van owners as the simple, durable storage mounts the drawers to your sidewalls and organizes everything from socks to cooking utensils with ease. The twin or single option will depend on how much space you have but no matter which size you choose, it will be a life-saving upgrade!

4. Turning Up The Heat (And Cooling)

Remember to opt for some trusty roof vents for your road trip into Snowy Mountains to hit the slopes. Or, if you don’t have a heating or cooling system installed in your van (or the weather doesn't permit putting it to good use), then get an internal fan installation so that the inside temperature can be cool and comfortable. This is a minor upgrade that will make a major difference.

Adventure Fitouts Marine Carpet Upgrade

5. Looking for a soft place to land? Opt for Marine Carpeting.

Your carpeting choice can make or break the deal when it comes to your van fitout. The right material and colour will let your decorations do the talking, while sneakily disguising any chance of scratches or spills on your floor. Another huge advantage is that throwing down a wetsuit or surfboard won't ruin the plywood, thanks to the carpet’s protective qualities! For this reason, marine carpeting is a prime choice when customizing your van at Adventure Fitouts. Ensuring that your floors stay insulated from the cold minimises the chance of cosmetic wear and tear to show, this upgrade will keep you comfortable and hassle-free on your trip from Sydney to Melbourne!

Van Fitout

6. Privacy Please.

Installing blackout curtains and fly screens in your van will provide an element of privacy, as well as insulation and prevention from any creepy critters sneaking in your van unannounced! Curtains are a great way to upgrade both the aesthetic look and functionality of your van conversion, especially when installed by the professionals at Adventure Fitouts to ensure they last the distance. Flyscreens will also provide those irritating mozzies with an obstacle to buzz around, which is great for summer camping.

Surfboard in Van

7. Surf’s Up with a Board Slot.

Board slots are a great addition to any custom van fitout. They keep boards safe, and also prevent them from being stolen! These days it's more common than ever for people to store their surfboard in the back of their van so they can take it with them on long trips - perfect when you don't want your gear getting wet out by sea spray. Guess what? At Adventure Fitouts, our Simple Surfer Van Fitout w/ Single Drawer + Board Slot is the perfect fitout option for almost any van, from Ford Transits to Volkswagen Caddys. Your dream set up is our relentless pursuit: game on…

Van fitout with awnings

8. Awning Time.

Canopy awnings are the perfect solution for those travellers who love to spend their time in the great outdoors, rather than relaxing in their set up. They offer basic protection from sunlight or rain and can be easily set up within minutes (trust us, anyone can do it)! These portable cover-ups usually have manual roll out designs that provide shade on your van's side window (or any other location you would like). Another awesome feature? You can set up a separate sleeping quarter to host additional people - all you need is a blowup mattress and you’re good to go! Perfect for your road trip down from the Sunny Coast.

Van fitout at night with pop-top tent and lighting

9. Light Me Up!

Why settle for one mood when you can have an entire spectrum of them? 12 Volt LED lights are the perfect way to do this, and it's easy too. All you need is a power source like solar panels or some 12V batteries. Any plug-in will work if there is enough storage capacity in your van conversion - whether you rock a Mercedes Sprinter or a Toyota Hiace, this is a must-have addition! Though these bulbs can be placed in various fixtures around the van, they do their best work when mounted on the ceiling. This placement not only saves space by not needing table lamps or traditional extra lighting sources, but it also maximizes power usage since LED light fixtures use 90% less energy than incandescent ones.

10. Electric Feels

We bet that you know that electricity and battery power in your van is a top-tier upgrade by now. First of all, electricity is essential for nearly everything. Without it, we wouldn’t have lights, a fan, a fridge, device chargers or the ability to work remotely as digital nomads - any features that make your van a real home away from home. Exploring solar panel installation options can also allow you to explore and camp off-grid for as long as you want, absorbing the sun’s energy while you roam the roads. Adventure Fitouts offers full electrical installations by our subcontracted Auto Electrician.

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