Wedgetail Roof Rack - Sprinter Light Bar Mounting Kit


The Wedgetail Mercedes Sprinter Light Bar Mounting Kit accessory, is an extension to the Wedgetail roof rack designed specifically for High Roof variants of the Sprinter, creating an extended platform that covers the full length of the roof. This extension provides additional space for mounting multiple spotlights or light bars. Please note that custom drilling may be required to install your preferred lighting options.

The extension is secured using rivet mountings, which ensure a sturdy and secure attachment. The Wedgetail roof contoured side rails provide support to the extended platform, further enhancing its strength and aesthetics.

By adding the Wedgetail Roof Rack extension to your Sprinter Mid Roof, you can confidently enhance your lighting capabilities without compromising the vehicle's sleek and streamlined appearance. This extension offers a practical and efficient solution for integrating multiple spotlights, enabling improved visibility and versatility for various applications. Suits most 9-inch round LED light fittings.



  • DIY or Installation at our North Wollongong Workshop (contact us for installation prices and scheduling) INSTALL COST DOES NOT ALLOW FOR LIGHTING AND WIRING