Toyota Troopy - Premium Sound Deadening


CarBuilders Sound Deadening 

Suits Toyota Troopcarrier aka Troopy - includes roof, floor pan (including under front seats), 1/4s and door skins.

(approx 50kg)
4 Boxes (5.4sq/m) of Stage 1 Sound Deadener -  Apply to your firewall, front floor pan, under front seats, inner 1/4 panels, rear wheel arches, door skins.
2 Sheets (3sq/m) of Mass Noise Liner  - Stage 2 underlay sound barrier apply to foot wells, tranmission tunnel, under seats, 8mm thick.
2 Sheets (3sq/m) of Mass Noise Liner - Stage 2 sound barrier apply to rear cargo area 13mm thick (do not apply Stage 1 Sound Deadener under this) 
1 x Install kit - Includes 1 x application roller, 1 x utility knife, 1 x roll of foil tape, stubby holder & bottle opener.

DIY kit is for above materials only.
Installation option is a drive in drive out service at our North Wollongong Workshop.
Installation time is 3-4 days.