Terrawagen Sprinter Hood Spoiler


Keep your 2019 - 2023 907 Sprinter looking fresh and protected with our Aero hood spoiler! Crafted from textured TPO plastic with precision CAD data from Mercedes-Benz, this spoiler fits snugly without tools - just 3M VHB tape - so it's easier than ever to keep rocks and stone chips at bay. Installation so simple, it's almost fun!

Fits all 2019 - 2023 and up Sprinter's 

* Just a note on color. The flares are made from black TPO plastic. They will seem very dark right out of the box. They will however tone down with UV / sunlight and a few washes in a few weeks.


  • DIY or Installation at our North Wollongong Workshop (contact us for installation prices and scheduling)