• 150mm Surface mount rail system 
  • Grab bag of mounting bolts - 2x M6x20mm 304 Stainless Bolts, 2x M6x40mm 304 Stainless Bolts, 2x Oversized 304 Stainless Washers, 2x 304 Stainless Nyloc Nuts, 2x M6 Rivnuts


The SURE Mounting rails were designed to provide an adjustable and extremely secure mounting system to accept our SURE Fork Mount as well as other L-Track compatible accessories.

Our Mounting Rails are CNC machined from a solid chunk of aerospace grade aluminium (6061 for those interested), opposed to a standard extruded L-Track rail.

They are hard anodised for a durable and long lasting surface finish.

The 150mm Mounting Rail is attached with two M6 bolts, providing a solid and easy to install mounting system, and can be easily removed if needed.

The Surface Mount Rail System is designed for easy mounting onto a flat surface. If you prefer a more unobtrusive mounting system, we also provide a Flush Mount Rail System.