Sprinter Shower Cubicle - 700mm wide


Introducing our exclusive custom-designed fibreglass shower module, crafted locally for Sprinter vans.

Tired of searching for the perfect shower solution for our van builds, we invested time and resources into research and development, culminating in a uniquely designed shower module.

Say goodbye to the hassle of DIY plywood, alupanel, and sikaflex jobs that leak at the slightest van movement. Our one-piece shower module simplifies both DIY and professional builds.

Measuring 700mm wide internally and 640mm deep, it's ideal for those seeking to incorporate a shower into a compact space. Specifically contoured to fit the Sprinter wall curve seamlessly.

Due to its compact size, this shower module is designed for use with a removable Potti or slide-in-slide-out toilet, not a permanently installed one.


Height = 1875mm
Width = 700mm
Depth = 640mm


Exact flange size/external dimensions can vary slightly between each product as the flange is cut after moulding. If you have a specific flange size requirement please let us know.

Height = 1925mm (including approx. 20mm flange top and bottom)
Width = 750 (including approx. 20mm flange on each side)
Depth = 645mm

Recommended minimum floor to ceiling height = 1910mm

Flanges can be trimmed to suit floor and ceiling height.


Does not include a door or drain.

We can assist with this if needed.