Introducing the NEW Aluminum Owl Expedtion Tire carrier for 2019 - present Mercedes Sprinter Vans. This unit is hands down the nicest tire carrier you can buy. We didn’t want to change the DNA of the Owl carrier that has made it one of the leading products in the industry. We did however want to make it lighter, stronger, and even more versatile. The all-new carrier features all tig welded aluminum frame that allows mounting of a 33" tire or a box (carrier includes box mounting tabs). If you're looking for a cheap RV overseas knockoff, you came to the wrong place! :)

We utilize the same structure and mounting points that have made Owl Carriers the most reliable and easiest to install in the industry. Engineered to withstand the toughest roads and harshest environments. This carrier will keep you properly equipped for years to come. 

The Owl Tire Carrier mounts securely to the hinges and requires a single mounting hole be added to the door. Don’t worry, we include a mistake-free template and specialty step-drillbit to make installation a breeze!


  • Fits: 2019+ Sprinter & 2020 REVEL (VS30) 2500 & 3500
  • Color: Black (dual-layer powder coat with self-healing base primer) 
  • Fits tires up to 275 33". Larger 35" tires can be added but may require slight modification of the plastic emblem.
  • Lightweight TIG-welded aluminum 
  • Works for mounting a Tire OR a Box
  • Installs in 20mins
  • Works with Expedition Handle for mounting accessories
  • Does not affect parking sensors
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Industry-leading reliability 
  • Compatible with rear wipers
  • Requires a single hole be added to the door (mistake-free template included)
  • Requires 180˚ Hinges. 

NOTE: Most States and Territories require an auxiliary number plate and/or auxiliary brake lights and blinkers.

This is due to the positioning of the tire partially blocking the number plate and taillights from certain angles. This is no different to Troopys and other 4x4s that you commonly see carrying tires on their rear doors/tailgate.


  • DIY or Installation at our North Wollongong Workshop (contact us for installation prices and scheduling)