PLEASE NOTE: This product is available for PRE-ORDER ONLY!

Lead time is 2-3 months.

We bring over pallets of Flarespace every few months.

Flares are supplied in a grey gel-coat finish.

You will need to paint them prior to install.

It is highly recommend to add trim rings for an easier way of finishing the inside neatly.

Awning windows can only be installed on the 'non-sliding-door side'.

Aussie vans can only accept the 'regular depth flares'.
Total bed width is 77"/1950mm without windows.

You may know them as “van bump out panels” or “van side pods,” but let’s be honest… The genuine articles can only be named Flares because we invented them. This cost-efficient & stealthy van mod maximizes your van's interiors and allows you to reconfigure your van’s floor plans to place your bed widthwise, rather than lengthwise. Flares are made-to-order and sold in pairs (pricing includes a driver's side Flare and a passenger-side Flare), and once installed, you’ll have around 80 inches of space to sleep sideways in your Mercedes Sprinter 144".


  • DIY or Installation at our North Wollongong Workshop (contact us for installation prices and scheduling)