VanEssential Front Windshield Cover


Keep light out & privacy in with our Front Windshield Cover designed to turn your van into a stealth camping machine. Made with 5.0mm double faced aluminum insulation, this cover offers superior temperature regulation and no light leakage. And thanks to its 6 integrated fiberglass rods, this cover will stay stiffly in place without any sag.


What’s Included:
[1] Front Windshield Window Cover
[1] Storage sack


Installation: Instead of suction cups or velcro to hold our covers in place, we use integrated fiberglass rods to create stiffness. We also use a proprietary double hook tension system to grab under the headliner and stick to the glass for the best possible fit. We recommend using your sun shades and rear view mirror to hold it in place.


Note: This front windshield cover is compatible with all Mercedes-Benz vans built from 2007 to current model. It works with all sizes of technology boxes and with or without rear view mirrors.