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L-Track Threaded Stud


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This L-Track Threaded Stud fitting is an ideal component for various recreational cargo control uses, such as ATV tie-downs and motorcycle tie-down systems, due to its low profile design. The fitting's double lug threaded stud configuration offers maximum securement and strength by sliding into two slots on an L-track tie-down rail. It is designed to provide a heavy-duty bolt down anchor point on any style of L-Track.

To securely install the fitting, a specially milled washer drops down into the L-Track and firmly locks the fitting in the track when the nut is tightened. To slide the fitting into place, lift the end clip and insert the two bottom discs into the track slots. Then, slide the fitting halfway between two slots and release the clip to lock the fitting into the slots.

This fitting is a perfect accessory for L-Track in your van!