L-Track Anchor Stud



The L-Track Single Stud Fittings are designed to provide dependable anchor points on L-Track rails. This fitting has a large O-Ring that can accept a wide range of hooks, snaps, and straps, and it can withstand up to 1800kg once installed. It is constructed with a stainless steel ring and a black powder coat finish. 

To use the spring-loaded plunger-style mechanism, insert your thumb inside the ring and push down on the stud while lifting the clip with your index and middle fingers. Then, place the bottom disc into the desired round opening on the track and slide the fitting halfway between two of the track's openings. Let the clip fall on both sides of the fitting in the round slots on either side of the stud. To remove the fitting, simply lift the clip, slide it to an opening, and remove it from the track.

This fitting is a perfect accessory for L-Track in your van!