iLoad Wall Panels - V-Groove Birch


Our V-Groove iLoad Wall Panels are CNC machined from 6mm birch plywood.

A great way to update the look of your iLoad without the effort of a traditional shiplap wall.

These panels do not require battens behind them, so you maximise your interior saving you typically 25mm width that is lost when battens are used.

There are 6 panels included in the kit.

Two rear panels.

Two lower side door panels.

Two upper side door panels (not required if you have windows in your sliding doors).

If you have barn doors, we also provide panels for the doors.

If you have a lift up tailgate, we do not supply a panel for the tailgate.

The panels are installed with sheet metal screws.

Alternatively they can be installed with rivnuts and bolts, however this installation is quite difficult and is best left if you are having us install them.

Panels are supplied in an uncoated birch plywood.

You can choose to stain or paint the panels to suit your desired look.