Hyundai iLoad - Sound Deadening & Insulation


CarBuilders Sound Deadening and Van Liner Pack.

Suits iLoad.


3 Boxes of Stage 1 Sound Deadener (5.4sq/m)-  Install on your roof, and side wall panels cover minimum 50% of single skin sheet metal. Controls panel resonance and vibration
2 Rolls of Van Liner (10sq/m)- 10mm peel and stick closed cell foam. Create a radiant heat barrier and soft surface to reduce sound energy. Upholstery glue can be applied to this ready to trim with carpet if desired. This material will be supplied as a roll 1m wide by 5m long with a reflective aluminium face
2 x Van Liner Tape - This tape utilises the same reflected PET film used on our Van Liner to create a seamless finish
1 x Trim Removal Kit - A handy set of pry’s and levers to assist in removing automotive panels.
1 x Install kit - Application Roller, Utility Knife and Aluminum Foil Tape
2 x Additional Foil Tape - For use on all vertically applied sound deadener
DIY kit is for above materials only.
Installation option is a drive in drive out service at our North Wollongong Workshop.