Hot Water + Hot Air System - Diesel - Suits Sprinter - DH9 Hydronic Hot Water with Eberspacher Furnace and 1.8kW Ducted Fan


The ultimate hot water + hot air system for your Sprinter van.

We use these in most of our high end Sprinter builds.

Now with a ducted hot air system which lets you have multiple hot air outlets.


The DH9 is Dieselheat’s smallest and most versatile diesel hot water system, with super fast heat up time, the DH9 will provide a sink full of hot water or a continuous shower at 2.5L/min within 6-7 min of a cold start whilst occupying a space the size of a couple of shoe boxes. The DH9 is optimised to be small and light, unlike it’s larger cousin the DH15 it does not have a twin skin insulated tank and holds only 9L of coolant saving space and weight.

The beautifully engineered D5E HS3 furnace from Eberspacher modulates it’s heat output from 1.3 to 5kW, so the DH9 can work with a small coolant volume whilst avoiding excessive cycling, this also minimizes noise and power consumption making the system quiet for overnight air heating.

The DH9 is sold assembled with the tank and furnace back to back on an aluminum mounting stand for easy installation that suits small spaces. The kit includes the genuine Eberspacher installation kit with wiring, fuel line, exhaust, inlet air silencer and wiring to connect to the Dieselheat thermostat. 

The Eberspacher Easystart Pro controller can also be purchase separately, but is highly recommended.

The DH9 Features

  • Reliable, quiet Eberspacher furnace is best in class with silent fuel pump and 3000h service life.
  • Stepless power output from 1.3 to 5kW
  • All 316 stainless steel, suitable for caravans and boats
  • Compact, with separate air heating and hot water components allows flexible install arrangements
  • DH9 is Pre assembled and tested for easy installation
  • Includes mounting plate and silicon floor plate to seal exhaust through the floor
  • Fast heat up time, around 7min from cold
  • Includes Watermark approved tempering valve and plate heat exchanger to ensure hot water is always delivered at safe temperatures

The 1.8kW Ducted Fan Features

  • High quality copper coolant pipes optimised for maximum heat output
  • Quiet electrically controlled brushless AC drum fan
  • Aluminum case lined with specialised sound absorbing foam/vinyl
  • Fan orientation can be changed for installation in tight spaces.
  • 1 x 60mm outlet
  • optional 90mm inlet duct

Touch Screen Thermostat Features

  • Simple operation via touch screen with backlit buttons
  • 3 manual fan speeds and automatic mode with infinitely variable fan speed
  • Optional remote temperature probe (supplied in kit)
  • Operate in either hot water only or hot water and air heating modes.
  • Diesel hot water system on/off
  • Air heating electric coolant control valve open/close
  • Programmable parameters include manual fan speeds, min and max fan speeds on auto mode, sensitivity on auto mode.

This controller does not provide any error codes or diagnostics for diesel hydronic furnaces. This function must be provided by the Eberspacher Easystart Pro controller

Comprehensive Installation Kit

This kit includes all mounting brackets, wiring looms, coolant pipe (for fan head up to 1m from hot water system), fuel line, exhaust system, coolant fittings etc. needed to install the system and get it up and running. All Dieselheat system also include comprehensive printed installation instructions written by the system creators in simple to understand English to assist first time installers.