Troop Carrier Front Door Cards - V-Groove Birch



These front door cards are CNC machined from 6mm birch plywood. Please make not of the existing holes, which do not accommodate speakers or other aftermarket accessories. Product typically ready to ship in 1-2 weeks. 


1. Self Drilling Screws - Panels will come undrilled, so you can choose where you put screws to fix them to the car. We supply some small self drilling screws.

2. Rivnut (preferred) - Panels will come with holes in the factory plug locations. You will need to install rivnuts into the factory plug holes and then use bolts to secure the panels. We supply rivnuts and black button head bolts, but you will need to supply a rivnut gun (or have us install them for you). To install the rivnuts you will need to drill the factory holes out to 9mm diameter, use some rust prevention paint on the holes, and then install the M6 rivnut.


Price excludes varnishing or painting, as well as other modifications to the panels for services etc.