Baja LP9 Pro Light



The LP9 Baja Designs off-road light is the modern solution to nighttime visibility and safety. It’s based on our famous 8-inch La Paz HID light with updated technology for even better performance. These auxiliary lights have many uses on the trails. Mount them to the front grille to supplement your headlights or attach them to a Baja light bar on the roof for long-range projection. Either way, they’ll help you see dips, rocks, wildlife, and other obstacles before it’s too late.

The LP9 utilizes 9 forward projecting LEDs, plus 6 Integrated Peripheral Technology (IPT) LEDs. The IPT provides an incredible 200° spread of usable light.



  • Weight: 3kg
  • Dimensions:  30 × 25.4 × 23.3 cm
  • Pattern: Driving/Combo
  • Colour: White/Amber
  • 1 x LP9 LED Light