Baja LP6 Pro Light



With the LP6 auxiliary light, off-roaders get the visibility they need without take up a lot of room. These powerhouses get their name from both the 6-inch size and the 6 Cree LEDs that produce a daylight-quality glow. Add them to mid-size trucks, Jeeps, and UTVs where you need a compact light. An LP6 off-road light is also excellent as part of a spread. They’re easy to attach to front grilles or roof light bar racks so you can see everything the great outdoors has to offer.



  • Weight: 2.3kg
  • Dimensions:  38.1 × 30.48 × 20.32 cm
  • Pattern: Driving/Combo
  • Colour: White/Amber
  • 1 x LP6 LED Light